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Darrell & Mercy founded House Hunters NB in 2003. They decided to expand and open up into a full service agency division in 2015 downtown New Braunfels. House Hunters NB offers expert services in buying, selling, investing, remodeling, new builds, credit repair, consultations, staging, and building long-lasting relationships. They live and work the best they can based off of their Christian values. Darrell and Mercy started the company because they felt there was a need for ethical representation on both sides of the transaction of real estate. The Wood family strives to be a positive and educational piece in this industry.

This extraordinary couple believes people should form relationships with like-minded competitors to form a better community where everyone is successful. House Hunters NB has an open door policy and hope to be held accountable to their visions and ethics, as they hold all their agents to the same standards. They also strongly believe in giving back to the community that feeds them and you will see their thankfulness as they continue to serve the community on a regular basis.